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Club & League Events at PRC

2 months 1 week ago #594 by TOCA2FREAK
Hi guys.

After the small turnout for the last Formula Trainer series (5th June 2018) I just wanted to start this thread for feedback from our members here. We have 22 drivers signed up for the Formula Trainer series and I was wondering why we only had 7 turn up.

This isn't a post to have a go at people not showing up it's just to get feedback on what we can do to improve driver participation.

Please leave your feedback below.



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2 months 2 days ago #625 by Erwin
Replied by Erwin on topic Club & League Events at PRC

Thanks for organizing the league!

Factors I could think of which may cause a lower turn up:

- (nearly) summer
- less popular (DLC) car
- having to sign up, plus confirm racing each week. Perhaps the server could open for everyone during practice (like how it was before the start of the series when the turn up seemed to be higher)?

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2 months 1 day ago - 2 months 1 day ago #635 by [PRC]Rick
Hi Erwin
thanks for your response.

Regards your pointers

Nearly summer - fair point and for those that watch it the world cup starts Thursday.

Less popular car / DL content - Total agree again its a fair point.

Having to sign up - The idea of signing up is supposed to be a driver committing to a series as apposed to a single race, its him saying "i will be there unless xyz.
It also gives us a idea on weather it is worth actually running a series in the first place.

Perhaps the server could be open - The problem with a open server is you get "casual traffic" coming in with little or no practice, and usually disrupt the series.
If you practiced for a race and was in with a chance of winning and a "drop in" driver took you out you would be prity pissed off.
so by locking the server we prevent this or at least try to, everyone in that race has committed to the series and one would assume take into consideration the other drivers around them especially as they are accountable.
although this isn't always the case in practice as last nights race showed unfortunately.

Really appreciate your input Erwin, it helps us all have a better understanding.

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1 month 4 weeks ago #641 by Chicken
Replied by Chicken on topic Club & League Events at PRC
Most people I think who race ams will have or won't mind getting dlc. It must be tricky doing admin, finding the right balance and I think you do a great job. I like the idea of having an open server with the proviso that, as Kevin mentioned, a certain number of practice laps are completed or you don't race. I feel that drivers who pass by don't intentionally try to screw things up but are incompetent due to lack of practice, been there done that :?0
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1 month 3 weeks ago #660 by Detestedpit
I agree

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