Fanatec – More Info on Mclaren Wheel, Podium Base and GTS


Thomas Jackermeier CEO of Fanatec has posted an article stating the current status of their upcoming products.  It looks as if the shipping date of the CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 will be delayed to late April.  Also the Fanatec DD wheelbases production is slightly behind schedule.

Official Fanatec Quote:

I would like to give you a short update on some important topics.

CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3
We had some last minute electrostatic issues on this product and we had to make some small design changes. This means that the shipping date will be postponed to late April.
All customers who pre-ordered the steering wheel will get an e-mail and they can also expect a nice compensation for this delay. All affected customers will get a free ClubSport quick release adapter or a coupon code if they already purchased one. Of course they can also cancel the pre-order at any time.
Podium Wheel Base
Talking about delays... 
We are all waiting for this product to be released but we had to fight a lot of small issues. The pre-production is done and we are still making internal tests to verify the design and sort out some obvious issues.
Currently we select the beta testers and will get in contact with them shortly. The beta tests will start in late february and it is still planned to held a community event in our HQ where we will invite interested potential customers and direct drive specialists to help us fine tuning the wheel base.
At the moment we are aiming to start selling the DD wheel bases in summer.
Some good news as well. We managed to crank up the torque on both versions. We also successfully eliminated all torque ripple so you can expect the same smoothness as on your ClubSport Wheel bases which is on par with the very best DDs out there or even better.
Full Implementation of the CSL ELite Racing Wheel in GTS (blue mode)
I have received an update from Polyphony and got the confirmation that the wheel is already implemented in the code and that they are fine tuning it. Unfortunately I did not get any confirmation when this change will be patched to the game.
But it looks that this this should not stop you from going fast. 

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