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Sim Cube 30nm Direct Drive Wheel Base Review By The Simpit

Sim Cube 30nm Direct Drive Wheel Base Review By The Simpit

When it comes to high-quality sim racing Force Feedback wheels, Direct Drive units are considered to be the ultimate solution.  Shaun Cole of the Simpit presents his full review of the Sim Cube 30nm OSW Direct Drive Wheel Base.

SimuCUBE based OSW kit Biss-C – with CM110 case

Price: €999,00 – 1.184,00 + Shipping

  • Latest Simucube DD system with ultra resolution feedback device
  • MiGE 130ST-M10010 or 130ST-M15015 with 22-bit Biss-C encoder
    for 4.2 mil cpr resolution (from 22.4.2018)
  • With new Simucube firmware – Quick Starting Guide
  • Servo cables of choice: pretested original MiGE cables or German industrial fully shielded cables
  • Best servo drive model: IoniProHC 25A
  • Powered with Mean Well Industrial grade PSU 480W or 480/720W
  • CM110 case (dustproof, silent 12cm fan inside )
  • Motor shaft to steering wheel adapter (250Nm rated load): Video
  • Emergency Stop unit with 3-meter cable
  • Adjustable Motor mount (laser cut, glossy black colorized)
  • Pretested, latest Simucube FW, and motor profile loaded
  • USB cables and power cable included
  • Starting guide included
  • Warranty: 24 months

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