rFactor 2 Multiplayer Server Commands

Command Description
/admin <password> take over administrator (wrong or no password = stop being administrator)
/vote yes same as pressing YES button
/vote no same as pressing NO button
/ping same as pressing button
/w <sendee> <chat> whisper to given player - <sendee> can be just the first few letters of player's name if they are unique
/whisper <sendee> <chat> same functionality as "/w"
/callvote nextsession proceeds to next session (practice to qual, for example)
/callvote nextrace proceeds to next event in dedicated server track list
/callvote event <name> proceeds to given event (such as "24 Hours of Toban" or "Spa")
/callvote restartrace restarts the race
/callvote restartwarmup client request to go to the beginning of warmup
/restartwarmup admin/server command to go to the beginning of warmup
/callvote restartweekend goes back to practice
/ callvote addai adds 1 AI
/callvote add5ai adds 5 AI
/callvote kick <name> kick specified player out of race
/callvote ban <name> bans specified player from server
/admin <password> take over administrator (wrong or no password = stop being administrator)
/editgrid <pos> <name> admin command to move the specified player to the given position on the grid - note that you should do the grid from first to last or you may fail to achieve the expected results
/setmass <mass> <name> admin/server command to apply a penalty mass (0-255 kg) to the specified player with immediate effect, lasting for the rest of the weekend
/changelaps <laps> <name> admin/server command to adjust the number of completed laps (-10 to +10) to the specified player for the purpose of allowing live stewards' input into the game's scoring system
/addpenalty <code> <name> admin/server command adds a penalty to the given player. The following are valid values for <code>: -2=longest line, -1=drive-thru, 0-60=stop/go penalty number of seconds
/subpenalty <code> <name> admin/server command removes a penalty from the given player. The following are valid values for <code>: 0=remove one stop/go penalty, 1=remove one drive-thru penalty, 2=remove one longest line penalty, 3=remove all penalties
/throwyellow [<laps>] admin/server command starts a full-course caution for the given number of laps (must be at least 2). If laps is not given, normal randomized value will apply
/clearyellow admin/server command nds a full-course caution as soon as possible, regardless of the planned number of laps
/racelength <code> <value1> [<value2>] admin/server command changes the race length for the next race: <code>=0 sets a <value1> % length race, <code>=1 sets a <value1>-lap race, <code>=2 sets a <value1>-minute (timed) race, <code>=3 sets a <value1>-lap and <value2>-minute race
/shutdownserver admin command tells a dedicated server to exit immediately
/set upload <kbps> change upload speed (works on own machine only, administrator can't change server's upload at this time)
/set download <kbps> change download speed (same as above)
/set nagle <0 or 1> can only be done on server - specifies whether questionable Nagle TCP algorithm is used
/set warp <0.1 - 3.0> in future, will affect voicechat. The warp connotation comes from the period of time to take in between sending each voice packet. 1.0 is the default
/batch <filename> used to execute batchfile commands
/undq removes disqualification from given player