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11 months 1 week ago #2008 by TOCA2FREAK
ACC Club Events was created by TOCA2FREAK
Sorry guys I don't think I can carry on with ACC Club Events. I have taken on too much here at PRC already as I run all club events, look after the website and Discord. TBH this is too much for one person to do.

However if there is anyone here who is willing to help run ACC or any other club here at PRC then do please let me know as the help would be much appreciated. Also don't worry if you have no idea on how to do this as I will provide the appropriate training. ;)


In game name:
RF2: [PRC] TOCA2FREAK / Kevin Cox
Raceapp: Kevin Cox

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11 months 1 week ago #2013 by Shelby
Replied by Shelby on topic ACC Club Events
Perhaps later down the line if lots of people get into ACC, but right now doesnt seem worth it. Im also just doing thursday rf2 atm, my knee's absolutely wrecked and racing isnt helping. RSI maybe hehe.

In game name:
RF2: Shelby
AMS: Shelby
Raceapp: Shelby

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