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AMS | Series | Round 1 | Curitiba | 27/5/18

2 years 1 week ago #547 by [PRC]Rick
Really enjoyed the race and although its been a while since we ran with such a small field we can only hope we get a couple more for next week.
i complement all drivers for the standard which was very high, there was some tough overtakes but fair.
Bryan shocked the hell out of me with his flying start and pass into turn 1 and then went on to force his way through on the very next lap at the same place past Kevin, i mean wow.
Neal was super fast when he got through and started pulling away from me and Kevin like he had a extra gear, unfortunately making a mistake and dropping out.:(
I made my pit stop a little early from the lead but my tyres were down to 45% and i was loosing 1.5 seconds a lap, Kevin on the harder tyre was gaining a little, i came out in 6th and 43 seconds off the lead, i new others would be pitting and over the next 3 laps found myself back in 2nd but still 40 seconds behind, i didn't know if his hard tyres would last, fortunately they didn't he had to pit and he made a mistake going in as well, so with 12 minutes to go i was almost 10 seconds ahead, Kevin started eating into that and then i got held up fairly badly in the twisty bit behind a back marker and lost almost 3 seconds on that lap.
we started the last lap and i was around 1.5 ahead and just made sure on the tricky bits crossing the line .7 ahead for my first win in a while.
thanks to all for racing and looking forward to the next round.

2 x 12 inch CRD monitors
Pentium 133 CPU
4mb Ram
Graphics card 3dfx voodoo 1, 64mb
Wheel - Hama Thunder V5
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