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RF2 | Club Event | Formula 4 | Lime Rock Park | 12th March 2020

2 months 3 weeks ago #2807 by Shelby
I think i was running less wing, but still couldnt get past stig before our synchronised crash. Just couldnt quite take the 2nd to last turn flat in the dirty air to be able to get past on the straight.
(i was running 5/7 wings)

I enjoyed the f4 more than usf17. Good that the safety car worked properly this time, i imagine its pot luck whether it does or not (circuit/mod dependent?). Allowed me to pit and rejoin the race, but the top speed is not repairable so i couldnt have a chance to stay right in contention.

In game name:
RF2: Shelby
AMS: Shelby
Raceapp: Shelby

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2 months 3 weeks ago #2808 by Esberg
I think the safety car worked this time because Lime Rock is part of the core game, supported by S397. Last year when we had safety car at Zandvoort everything was fine as well. However at Pau, a modded track, things went wrong. So I think for the base game it works fine, but with modded tracks it's a gamble.

I should have turned it off though as it cost me a 7 second lead yesterday :P

In game name:
AMS: [PRC] Esberg
RF2: Esberg / Nino Stuivenberg
Raceapp: Nino Stuivenberg

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