Rules & Regulations

League Rules

You must be 18 years of age or over.  You must have a controller that allows you to have variable control over the car. A Steering wheel and pedals are strongly recommended and will allow you to reach your true racing potential as well as provide a high level of immersion. At Phoenix Racing Club (PRC) we prefer everyone to use a wheel.

All entrants must know, and abide by the rules - Ignorance is not a defence.

It goes without saying that cheating / Hacking Etc. is forbidden, but also completely pointless. There is no prize money or other rewards so cheating in any form will only give you a hollow result, at risk of being banned and tarnishing your name forever.

All entrants must hold a valid account on

Event Registration
All Entrants are expected to register for the event and reserve their seat by stating in the relevant thread for that event.

Forum signature
Please edit your forum signature to show your in game names using the format below.  You can edit your signature by going to the forum page then clicking profile in the menu at the top, click edit and then go to "Profile information", scroll down and enter the details in the signature field.

In game name:
AMS: *Your in game name*

RF2: *Your in game name*

It is expected that entrants will conduct themselves in a manner that will provide a positive experience for other members and enhance the reputation of PRC. There are many ways to provide a positive experience for others like sharing your car setups and driving tips is one, but also being appreciative when you receive this as they are someone’s blood sweat and tears. Posting race reports is also a good way of commenting on good driving by other members you may have noticed.

We do expect all our members to show respect at all times to all other members. No intimidation or mistreating of others in any form will be tolerated. For example publicly criticizing another driver on the forum is not tolerated.

Entrants are expected to hold fairness, honesty, integrity and courtesy as more important than race results. Racing fairly will provide the best enjoyment, whereas winning by any means less than fair, is not a true achievement at all. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not welcome at PRC. Acts of bad sportsmanship is not acceptable behaviour and will be dealt with accordingly by the appropriate people.

What wont be tolerated at PRC is any flaming, arguing on Discord, name calling or revenge on track to another driver - you will face a ban!

Driving in the wrong direction is both extremely dangerous and of course forbidden. Cutting the track to gain an advantage or position is not allowed. Most tracks have white lines and/or kerbing defining the edges of the track. Competitors should keep two wheels inside these defined edges at all times.

If at any stage your car leaves the defined racing course for any reason a safe re-entry rule will apply.

This is obviously for safety. In real-life racing you may have to wait until a track marshal gives you the all-clear to re-join the course. Sims do not have live marshals to guide you, so it is your responsibility to check it is safe to re-enter. When you do first get back on course, it is advised to stay off the racing line until you are back up to speed allowing anyone who does catch you an unimpeded way past. In the opening laps, as the field is bunched up, it is highly likely that a safe re-entry means waiting for the entire field to go past.

Discord and Game Chat Usage are allowed during qualifying, but out of courtesy for drivers attempting to set a fast time this should be kept to a minimum. It is recommended to use Discord during qualifying to check if a driver behind you or in front of you is on a flying lap so you can discuss whether to overtake/move over/abort your flying lap etc.

Exit the pits safely and try to find a gap in the traffic. On you're out lap and any slow laps be aware of drivers who may be coming up behind you on a flying lap, wherever possible and if safe to do so, allow them through unimpeded. Note: this is one of the few times that moving completely off the racing line to allow someone through are recommended.

Just like in real-life racing, it is your responsibility to find a suitable gap in traffic to perform a flying lap.

If you catch a slower driver who is also on a flying lap they are not expected to let you past and spoil their own lap. Overtaking is acceptable however be aware you may in fact spoil the laps of both you and the driver you overtake. It is recommended to use Discord as described above to avoid any confusion.

Race Starts
Discord and Game Chat Usage are NOT allowed during the race, race chat Only! ie Sorry, Pitting, etc.  Once all drivers have crossed the line at the end of a race then you are free to chat to congratulate drivers etc.

The risk of accidents at the start of a race, just like in real-life racing is extremely high due to all the cars being tightly packed together. First lap incidents can be avoided by being careful. There is always a temptation to see a gap and attempt a high risk move, but as the tightly packed field congests gaps can disappear very quickly leaving you with no place to go. You can however by attempting a kamikaze move, create a serious pile up, spoil your race and several other competitors, and lose the respect of others!

As in real-life racing, passing isn’t always possible and rarely easy. When you are behind a slower driver, you should remain behind until you can perform a clean and safe overtake. There are some differences to real-life racing when it comes to overtaking. In sim-racing both peripheral and rear vision is poor, while side and rear cameras can be mapped, it's unreasonable to expect drivers in front to use these buttons in the heat of a battle while driving at speed. The driver behind has significantly better vision of the battle, and accepts greater responsibility for the safety of overtaking moves than in real-life racing.

Gaining a position by tapping the car in front hard enough that they are forced off track, spin, knocked off of the racing line, or lose forward momentum in the act of avoiding a spin is not a clean safe overtake. A driver who has gained a position in this manner should redress positions as soon as it is safe to do so.

The driver in front has the right to choose any line, providing it is not considered blocking. Blocking is defined as two consecutive line changes which are performed to impede the driver that is trying to overtake. The driver in front is allowed to change lines once to protect their position.

The faster driver about to lap the slower driver in front has an obvious lap-time/speed advantage, a significant vision advantage, and is likely to be the more experienced driver. It is expected that "if" it was a battle for position the driver behind would be able to overtake easily and cleanly with the advantages they hold. The driver behind is the one that should make the decision where it is safe to complete a pass and must remain behind until they can do so cleanly and safely - even if it means losing time. It is highly recommended the driver behind uses Discord where possible to inform the driver in front - they are about to lap, where they intend to pass, and on what side they intend to pass to avoid confusion and to enable the pass to happen smoothly and safely.

As the driver being lapped you should remain calm and predictable and stay on track. Avoid making sudden line changes or braking maneuvers as the driver approaches from behind.

To facilitate a clear and easy recognizable rule for all drivers, PRC events will use the "One Single Rule" that if a blue flag is displayed the driver being lapped must yield the position at the first safe area on track, the driver must make a clear maneuver off race line and then hold this until the lapping car has passed. Again this rule will be used for all classes of racing unless very clearly specified in Series Dependent Rules.

General Racing
Don't run into the car in front of you! Considered a golden rule, running into the car in front is one of the big no no's in sim-racing. If you have out-braked yourself coming into a corner, and you realize you can't slow enough to avoid running into the car in front, if possible you should steer away from the impact even if this means going off track. All drivers should avoid collisions, or taking out another driver. If you cause a collision and gain position(s) because of it, you must redress the position(s) as soon as it is safe to do so. When you gain a position unfairly from another driver by punting them, colliding with them, cutting the track or any other unfair means you must redress the position. It may be that you can simply let the person pass you again into the next corner, but where the driver has gone off track or spun this typically means stopping in a safe place and waiting for as long as it takes for that person to get going again and go past you. You must do this regardless even if you lose multiple positions in the process.

Remember the person who you are waiting for has also lost multiple positions through no fault of their own.

If you spin or have an accident and end the spin on the circuit the first thing you should immediately do is hold your brakes on firmly to avoid rolling or moving. This allows drivers approaching to choose a line around you safely, if you do not hold the brakes on, you may start rolling into the gap they have chosen causing a collision. The second thing you should do is wait for a sufficient gap in the approaching traffic to allow you time to either move completely off the circuit so you can safely re-enter later or to get going again safely, you must remaining stationary with the brakes held on firmly until that gap is identified. Use the position bar to monitor cars approaching and identify when there is a gap. When you see a yellow flag you must be slow down and be prepared to avoid a car stuck on the track. It is your responsibility to avoid any stationary cars on the circuit in a yellow flag zone, and their responsibility to remain stationary.

When racing closely with another driver, you should wherever possible allow room for them on track.

You should not squeeze another driver or force another driver off track deliberately. Anyone deemed by the admin(s) to be overly aggressive, rough or careless may be penalized. Racing hard is acceptable but should always remain fair.

Points are series dependent.

Incidents on track will only be delt with via the complaints procedure and admin of PRC will look into it and issue any penalties if required.

Firstly it is easy to be hot under the collar straight after a race and submit an Official Complaint, but it's best to sleep on it and see how you feel the following day.

If you are involved in an incident it is up to the parties involved to sort the issue out between them in the form of emails and not on the forum, if a solution cannot be found then you can ask for the Race Stewards to be involved. A replay of the incident and a time stamp must be provided. Please contact an Admin to do this.

If any Admin are involved in an incident then a 3rd party maybe requested.

What won't be tolerated at PRC is any flaming, name calling or revenge on track to another driver - you will face a ban!

It's so much easier to admit to your mistake and Just say "Sorry"

Official Complaints
The first thing we ask is hold off for at least 24hrs and review the incident yourself, many of us in the heat of the moment can become upset by something that happens online and can easily confuse a mistake with intent. You will also need time to save the replay and view it back over to get a time stamp of the incident.

If after the following day you still feel the same way about the incident, contact the driver involved and ask for their side of it. DO NOT use inflammatory language or abusive terms when doing so, after all this is online racing and not real life, no body was injured and no real life monies are lost.

If the matter is still not resolved you can make an Official Complaint about the incident, sighting the time stamp and which drivers were involved by contacting an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once you have submitted a complaint, please leave it with us to deal with. It benefits no-one arguing with other Drivers.

Once a complaint has been made, the Race Stewards will look into the incident using the replays you provide and any statements offered.

Once the Race Stewards have looked over the incident and decided between them the course of action they recommend, the complaint will be presented to the Race Director who is running the series in which it happened.

The Race Director will then make a decision with regards to what action should be taken. Once the Race Director has made his decision the matter is dealt with and closed and you will be informed of the decision.

The Race Directors decision is Final.

In-Game penalties apply.

Everyone must be on Discord for League Races - If you are not then you could be kicked from the race.


  1. Pre-race rules and meetings are so much easier.
  2. Knowing what a members problem is when they dropped out just before a race i.e. should we wait or not.
  3. Text Chat can come across the wrong way people don't always realize that you are joking.
  4. If there is an incident, admin can know about it and deal with it easier by talking it out quickly on Discord.
  5. Post race discussions.

Once the race starts please no chatting - keep all chat to a minimum and race chat only.

Race Comments
We would appreciate it if all drivers could post on the forum how their race went. Just a short description will do. This will keep the forum active and also help in gathering data for race reports.

At a Glance
Important Information

  1. There will be no restarts. The server will only be restarted if there are issues with the server itself, lag etc! Please do not Request a Restart.
  2. Everyone must be on Discord especially for League Races - If you are not then you could be kicked from the race.
  3. Anyone found to be too aggressive at the start of races and causing incidents will have a warning - if they continue to cause incident at the start of races then they will face loss of points and a possible ban.
  4. If you are involved in an incident during a league race and you wish to complain - You must contact Admin and provide Video Evidence of the Incident. Without this our admin will not entertain a Complaint.
  5. No Raised voices, bad Language or arguing on Discord or the Forums.
  6. Please do not leave server as soon as you cross the Start/Finish Line.
  7. You must keep at least 2 wheels on the Black stuff at all times, if you are found to be constantly cutting corners to gain an advantage then you will be penalized.

Remember, when you are involved in an incident you havent only ruined your race but also someone elses, The Golden rule of online sim racing is "Do Not Hit Anyone!" Its not all about the winning, its the taking part that counts.

These rules are currently provisional and may change.

We are all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves so please take note of these as they are more common sense than anything and are now in place to make this one of the best leagues out there for Sim Racing.

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